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learning to draw is like driving on the highway like yeah sure you need to be watching other people but you REALLY need to focus on your own lane and your own destination or youre gonna follow that stupid fucking minivan all the way to tuskegee and then what. you didnt want to go to tuskegee. why did you follow that van look now youre in fucking tuskegee.

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so me and my dad are watching a documentary about a man that killed his children and the presenter turned to the camera and said ‘how could anyone ever think about killing their child’ and my dad sat there looking straight at the tv and said ‘trust me its not difficult’ he then looked at me and sighed

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I’ve saved this since March to post.



It’s back.

This is my favorite video of all time

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When you know who’s calling even though the number is blocked
When you walked around your house wearing my sky blue Lacoste
And your knee socks

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soft ghetto ☆彡*:.。. ・
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